It has been an unprecedented few weeks and we’re sure many of you have concerns about your business – both current and future. While the situation is changing, we will continue to update our FAQ to support you during this difficult time .

How can The Extra Mile help me?

We know that it’s a very challenging time for the hospitality industry and small business owners, despite the support measures announced by the UK government. Many of you have had to take the difficult to decision to close the doors for now, others have been incredibly resourceful in launching new delivery and grocery services. 

While current government restrictions have limited the movement of people, we are reminding our readers of the value of shopping locally and supporting small enterprises. We’re using our social media channels  to share information about the places that are offering shopping alternatives to the supermarket, and directing readers to social media as a first port-of-call.  Please tag us on social media and we will re-share as much as possible.  

How will The Extra Mile continue to market to visitors?

We are still communicating with our audience – inspiring and engaging them during this period, ready to encourage them to travel again when the time is right. 

You’ll see from the launch of the new website that we remain committed to championing independent businesses, and we will be investing heavily in our marketing once we recover from the current situation. In fact, we are already working on campaigns.

How can I get in touch with The Extra Mile?

The Extra Mile team is used to working remotely, so barring the additional demand for online and cloud services affecting reliability, it’s business as usual. 

If you’ve got a specific query or request, we would encourage you to email and we can get the relevant member of the team  to get in touch with you.

What do I do if I am concerned about the financial future of my business?

We know that banks and councils are being helpful. If you haven’t spoken to your bank about your situation you may want to do this. They can talk to you about overdrafts, working capital, grants and loans. 

You can find more information here >

The UK government has also announced measures to support businesses during this period. As these initiatives are relatively new, details have not necessarily been finalised just yet. We would recommend keeping an eye on the UK Government website for the latest updates as they are announced. 

Last checked: 8 June 2020