Escape the mediocre motorway services and discover some of the best independent eateries in England, Wales and Scotland with the second edition of the Extra Mile



Motorways take us through the countryside rather than into it. We see very little and eat very badly.

The first edition of the Extra Mile was a huge success, a book born out of despair at the sheer grimness of motorway services. But there are lovely local businesses not far away, growing, making and serving far better food: farm shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants and gorgeous gardens.

We know that most people using motorway services would rather be elsewhere. They’d prefer to support local enterprise and eat decent food. Our second version expands its coverage to include delicious eateries across Scotland, England and Wales. It gathers almost 350 special venues together, all within 15 minutes of motorways and arterial A-roads, and all inspected.

For us, a better journey means good local food, space for children and pets to let off steam, fascinating places and knock-out views. We relish places with conscience that care about the provenance of their ingredients as well as their impact on the environment. It’s eating and resting better and supporting local businesses while adding very little to overall journey time.


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