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Hello and welcome to the Members Area of our website. It’s designed to help the lovely people in the current 2023 edition of The Extra Mile. It’s where you’ll find links to download lots of useful things (words, pictures, social media assets etc.) to help you promote the book at your venue and locally, for no-one knows your area – and the local media outlets that locals love, read and listen to – better than you do.

What you’ll find in the Members Area shared folders

  • Assets (imagery and words) to help you promote the book (download from here)
  • Reorder the book by emailing kerry@
  • Ideas to help you promote the book (in-store)
  • Ideas to help you promote the book (online)
  • Improve your (free) Google Business profile

Assets to help you promote the book

TEM4 cover image

Follow this link and it will open a shared folder packed with loads of digital assets (essentially, pictures and posters!) to help you promote the book/ your inclusion in the book locally. The folders contain:

Reorder the book 

You’re welcome to buy more copies of The Extra Mile to sell on at your place, to further profit from being a part of The Extra Mile’s collection in 2023/2024. Simply email kerry@ with the number of copies you like and we’ll get straight on that, it’s a minimum order value of 8 books to get free shipping. Please see the email, sent 19 Sep, for festive discounts and book bundles. To browse all our books, visit our Online Shop here

Ideas to help you promote the book (in-store)

  • Display the book near your till or payment area
  • Display the book(s) as part of your window display
  • Put a display copy on a prominent table with a note or sticker on the cover, saying i.e. “Find us on p276! Available to buy today for £12 from the counter (RRP £14.99)” (see Posters)
  • Pop a browsing copy down on the table when new customers come in
  • Mention on your menu that you feature in The Extra Mile Guide and that it’s available to buy in-store
  • Create an eye-catching display of the books on a shelf, worktop, window ledge, table or other surface, or use shelving or hooks for a wall display
  • Add the book as an add-on to menu or stock bundles that you already offer, i.e. “Get The Extra Mile for just £10 when you spend over £40 today”.
  • See Assets for posters, pull-up roller banners and other ideas

Ideas to help you promote the book (online)

  • Add our logo to your website and say ‘As featured in The Extra Mile 2023’
  • Add our logo to your site, and hyperlink it through to the page online where people can buy the book, or to our own Online Shop, to help people find and buy the book
  • Add a mention of the book to your profile or ‘about’ description on your social media channels, linking to a URL where people can then buy the book
  • Use the book as a social media giveaway
  • Film and upload an ‘unboxing’ video when your books first arrive, perhaps filming some people having a flick through and capturing their response to seeing the book/ seeing you in the book
  • Don’t forget to tag us in @theextramileguide (Insta and FB) and @theextramileUK (Twitter)

Improve your (free) Google Business profile 

Something we noticed while travelling the country and researching this book, is that many businesses have not ‘claimed’ (or do not keep updated) their presence on Google Business. Love it or hate it, Google is a powerful search tool used by millions. Maximise your chances of getting found by improving your free listing on Google.

  • Ensure your opening times are correct (you can add additional hours for Bank Holidays etc.)
  • Add your own images, otherwise terrible photos by guests from yesteryear might be the first thing that searchers see rather than the amazing pics on your site or your Instagram account
  • Provide a great write-up (brief and precise) so that people know who you are and what you do
  • Tick the categories relevant to you (takeaway, eat-in, restaurant, café etc)
  • This useful article will explain more.

If there’s something else you’d like to see in this Members’ Area, do let us know by emailing hello@ and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks, Kerry, Ele and all at The Extra Mile.