10 x THE EXTRA MILE (ed. 3, updated in 2022)


Please note: the newest version of The Extra Mile is edition 4, published in March 2023. This is the refreshed edition 3 (originally from 2019, but with opening hours updated in 2022). It has over 150 places that aren’t in the 2023 guide, so is still a very useful book. We reprinted to match demand and went a few hundred over, so our very final copies are now available. 

The revised 2022 reprint of this sell-out 2019 success. Motorway services are a convenient evil when breaking a long journey, but there are countless small independent businesses nearby that you could stop into instead. And we’ve found them for you! Use this guide to enhance your journey, eat decent food, meet good people and support local businesses. Published by Glovebox Guides, an imprint of Printslinger Ltd.


This is the third edition of our ever-popular guide to alternative places to stop near motorways and main roads: The Extra Mile. Originally published in November 2019, this version was updated for 2022 and is brought to you by Glovebox Guides, an imprint of Printslinger Ltd. A newer version is now available: The Extra Mile edition 4. This third edition of the guide is still up-to-date as at 2022; we reprinted to meet demand and are down to our final stacks of copies now. Over 150 lovely places feature in this edition which do not feature in the newer, 2023 edition. This shop item is a bundle of 10 copies of this third edition, for a great-value £60 (just £6 per edition, with an RRP of £12.99 should you choose to sell them on).