A charming, good humoured account of the pleasures of slow travel and a lifetime of meandering exploration


Writer, wanderer, published and campaigner Alastair Sawday has spent his life travelling, taking pleasure in rooting out special places and unique people. An advocate of the light touch, he’s been a pioneer in the environmental world and has enjoyed a varied career, which has taken him to far-flung corners of the globe. He was born in the mountains of Kashmir, sailed yachts around the Caribbean, led a VSO programme in Papua New Guinea, taught French and Spanish in St Lucia and ran a travel country guiding hikers around Europe. Eschewing package tours and cookie-cutter hotels, his experiences here inspired him to publish his first travel guide, French Bed & Breakfast, listing special B&Bs and the welcoming people that run them.

In his memoirs, Travelling Light, he collects together his tales from the road and the sheer joy of travel. Learn of his slips of the tongue in deepest France, gastronomic journeys through Italy and the silent woodland of rural Britain.

“Lawrence Sterne once suggested that we travel for one of just three reasons: imbecility of mind, infirmity of body or inevitable necessity. One might add to Sterne’s little list: envy, curiosity – or just too much bloody rain at home. Escape, in other words.”


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